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Something significant is missing in Genesis 34 as we read one of the most shocking stories of Scripture. How do you preach Christ in a text where a violent act is met with severe retribution? Are Jacob’s sons exercising just judgment or personal revenge? Does this episode parallel the later conquest of Canaan? We seek to answer these questions and show how the ravages of sin can be undone; how the unclean can be made clean. There is good news for the Christian in this dreadful story.

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Paul calls upon his readers to remember five realities of their former life: separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel, strangers to the covenants, having no hope, and without God. But the glorious good news is “BUT NOW in Christ Jesus” those who were far off have been brought near. Jesus, through his death and resurrection, has reconciled the repentant sinner to God, so that he is no longer a stranger, but a member of God’s household.

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Although humanity is dead and lost in sin, with no way to merit favor with God, God is rich in mercy and loves his people with a great love. Those whom God loves are then saved only through the death, resurrection, ascension, and session of Jesus Christ. Believers then, through their union with Christ, are privileged to have died with him, been resurrected with him, and ascended with him to the heavenly places. This glorious news should humble us and lead us to worship and walk in holiness.

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In this episode, we introduce the Gospel of Mark. We also explore how Mark introduces us to the person of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Of special interest is the redemptive nature of the Gospel. This is shown by Mark's high Christology (Jesus is God), John's baptism, and Jesus' successful resistance of Satan's temptation. 

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Moses brings us to the height of the conflict between Jacob and Esau. We look at the need to preserve the tension in the story while connecting it to the larger narrative. Here we learn how Jacob’s humility leads to a resolution of conflict. We see also the high point of the story — the building of the altar, as Jacob has reconciled with God and man.

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In this episode, we consider the reality that mankind, apart from God’s glorious grace, is completely and totally lost in sin.  Before Paul moves to extol the riches of God’s grace in Eph 2:4–10, he first digs down deep to expose the reality of sinful man’s helpless estate. The more we understand the depth of our sin, the more we will fall to our knees in wonder of God’s mercy in Christ. We must first reckon with the bad news before we bathe in the good news.

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In this episode, we explain the meaning of David's profession of righteousness. How can David speak about himself as being without guilt, relative to God's law, when we know he was a sinner? If our salvation is by grace alone, then how can David say that God rewarded him for his righteousness by saving him from his enemies?

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In part two of Paul’s Prayer we return to consider Paul's prayer for the Ephesian believers.  Yes, Paul's burden is that the Ephesian believers would know the Lord. But what specifically does he pray for them?  What specifically, in this passage, does he want them to know?  Join us as we reflect on Paul's — and the Lord's — burden for his people.

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In part one of Paul’s Prayer, we will examine how the apostle Paul prays for the Spirit to be at work so that Christians can know God more. Paul’s thankfulness for the believers at Ephesus moves him to constant prayer that God would soften their hearts and open their eyes to hear and believe the gospel. This should be our burden in prayer: that we would know God more.

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Jacob expects a conflict with Esau but instead ends up wrestling with an unknown assailant, who can clearly best him at any moment. But when that moment comes, Jacob will not release his hold until he receives a blessing. The content of that blessing points to the God who will not forsake Jacob and will fulfill his covenant promises.

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What is a Christian to do with the imprecatory Psalms? Are they to be read and sung today, and if so, with what understanding? Jim Cassidy talks about how to situate the Psalms within their redemptive-historical context, instead of reading them in the abstract.

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As Jacob continues toward Canaan in obedience to God’s call, he comes up against another significant obstacle: Esau is coming to meet him Genesis 32:1–12 — preparing for conflict with a small army. Jacob’s reliance upon God’s covenant promises, and his humble prayer, are models for today’s Christians. We may pray with confidence as did Jacob, for the reality of those promises are even greater for us through Jesus Christ.

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Psalm 2 speaks of rebellious kings conspiring together against the Lord and his anointed. But the outcome of such conspiracies is clear. The Son will have the earth as his possession. 

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In Eph 1:11-14 the Apostle Paul describes the glorious heavenly inheritance of the Christian.  He seeks to encourage the Ephesian Christians — many of whom had given up earthly glory — by reminding them of an even greater glory in Christ.  May Paul's words be a wonderful encouragement to the church today!

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The narrative portions of Scripture serve to highlight the paradigm established by Genesis 3:15. In the story of Jacob and Laban we see primarily not a conflict between two human beings, but a conflict between the one true God and the gods of Laban. Laban’s gods are helpless and put to shame. Jacob’s God fulfills his covenant and provides a redeemer to cleanse Jacob – and us - from sin.

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We embark on a study through a new book — The Psalms. Jim Cassidy provides some important interpretive principles which he illustrates through a consideration of Psalm 1. Written for Israel, a nation under a theocracy, how do the Psalms manifest Christ, and how are they applicable to us today? How may it be said that the Christian today will prosper?

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The baptism of Jesus is a pivotal event in the life of Christ and in all of redemptive history. In this episode, we explore its significance, seek to answer the question of why Jesus would need to undergo a baptism of repentance, and examine some of the thematic elements of his baptism.
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Jacob exhibits his faith as he responds in obedience to the Lord’s command to return to the land of his fathers. He had made a vow before the Lord, and the Lord now calls upon him to keep his vows. In this episode we see an appearance of “the angel of God,” who points Jacob — and us — to a greater inheritance than land or riches, but the inheritance of “the God of Bethel” — redemption from sin and reconciliation with God.
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Repentance today is a byword. It conjures up images of a religious fanatic standing on a street corner with a cheap megaphone that more obscures the sound than amplifies it. But the call to repentance is divine grace. In this final chapter of Hosea, the Lord calls Israel to return to him. What a gift this is! God's arms remain wide open. He will take away their iniquity, he will accept a sacrifice for their sins, he will heal their apostasy, he will love them freely, and make his people to reside under his shadow and to flourish. All this he does in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son. So we return to God through Christ, for he has made a way for us to be accepted by the Father. 

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In this episode we see how John, the last prophet of the Old Covenant, transitions us to the New Covenant era by announcing the arrival of the LORD in the person of Jesus Christ. The focus of the passage is not on the uniqueness of John the Baptist, but the uniqueness of the one toward whom he points.
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Hosea 13 contains mostly words of rebuke and condemnation. But there is good news there as well. The Lord rebukes his son, Israel, whom he called out of Egypt, for the sin of covenantal faithlessness. They have gone after other gods. So thorough will God's coming judgment be that it is likened to death. But he also offers a word of hope which contains the promise of life, as death itself will be defeated. 
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We look at the significance of a trio of prophecies: the flight to Egypt, Jeremiah’s prophecy of the weeping of Rachel, and that “he would be called a Nazarene.” Matthew identifies Jesus with us, so that we might identify with him. The glorious king is not what many expected, and his kingdom does not look the way many expect.
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What does Paul mean when he says that all things in heaven and earth will be united in Christ? The apostle moves from what Christ did on the cross for his people – to look at the place of the cross in all of history. Robert Arendale and Mark Winder look at the concept of mystery, the language of “things in heaven and things on earth,” and the culmination of this text – the uniting of these things.
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Redemption is the work of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This Pauline trinitarian emphasis is something that may be somewhat lacking in modern preaching, but is essential in understanding the unique work of each of the three persons. With this trinitarian emphasis Robert Arendale takes a look at the need, the cost, and the blessing of redemption.
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The Lord pronounces an indictment upon Israel and convicts her of her sins. He also calls her to repentance and to return to him. The coming judgment in exile reminds of Christ who was exile in death for us, that in him we might have life and restoration in the heavenly promised land. 
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How do you preach a passage as speckled and mottled as this one? We look at a text that at first glance has nothing to say about Christ and see how through the continuity of God’s covenant promises we are presented with a foreshadowing of Christ plunder

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Hosea prophesied that God would call his son out of Egypt. Of course, that was long after the Exodus. But here in Chapter 11 the Exodus serves as a motif for God's redeeming grace. It recalled the Exodus as a foreshadow of Israel's restoration from exile. Unfortunately, the restoration fell short of the great expectation Israel had for the fulfillment of God's promises to the patriarchs. The day when God called his Son out of Egypt would ultimately arrive in Christ, the true Son and faithful Israel of God. He was called out of Egypt after he fled there to escape Herod's deadly grasp. And so we, in our union with Christ, are sons of the living God who have been redeemed and called out of the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of his Son. 

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The apostle Paul uses the metaphor of a building to describe the people of God. What is the significance of this metaphor, and what are the implications of that, particularly for ministers of the word? We also discuss how to choose a pericope and how much exegetical detail is appropriate in a sermon.

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What does it mean to be predestined, and to what end does God predestine his people? Robert Arendale joins us again in an exposition of this important passage, including a discussion exploring what part polemics play in a sermon.

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The Apostle Paul wrote to the believers in Ephesus to remind them of the "unsearchable riches" of Christ (3:8).  That is, he writes to remind the Christians living in that metropolitan port city, awash in paganism, of the heavenly blessings that belong to them in Christ (1:3).  A few years prior to his writing the letter to the Ephesians, Paul had labored in the city for almost three years.  God in his grace blessed Paul's ministry in Ephesus, and many sinners repented and turned to Christ (Acts 19:1-20).  Paul's letter to the Ephesians is a rich treasure of Christ-exalting truth.  In Christ the age to come has exploded into this present evil age; and by means of the Holy Spirit, the exalted Christ is building his church composed of both Jew and Gentile who have been reconciled unto God and unto one another.  As we, like the Ephesians, revel in the blessings of our union with Christ, we are called to 'live a life worthy of the calling we have received' (4:1).  We are called to walk by faith in a manner befitting our status as saints in Christ (1:1).  Join us as we introduce the glorious letter of the Apostle Paul.

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Jacob’s search for a bride parallels two other searches, all of which point us to Christ who offers the water of life and becomes a servant to secure his bride. We therefore must become servants of Christ that as his bride we might receive the water of life.

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In Hosea 10 the prophet likens Israel to a vineyard and and garden - but not a very fruitful one. In fact, her covenants with the nations has given rise to terrible idolatry, which is spiritual adultery. She is faithless and therefore fruitless. But the judgment and curse God pronounced upon her would not finally fall upon her, but on him who is the true vine. And now as branches in that vine, we have redemption and the grace to bear good fruit. 

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Occasionally the New Testament provides a direct connection to the words of the Old, pointing like a bright beacon to the person of Christ. We find that is the case as we look at the story of God’s ladder from Genesis 28. Angels ascend the ladder with a message for God from Jacob and descend from heaven with a message from God for Jacob.

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Although Jacob and Esau both show themselves unworthy to inherit the covenant promises, we see, through two theological paradigms – the offspring and the land – that God Almighty will lead his people to the land of promise.

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Matthew’s account of the visit of the Magi is not exactly the story as we know it from our cultural Christmas traditions. The response of these wisemen to the birth of Jesus is what the response of Herod should have been, and what our response should be, namely, worship.

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In today’s episode we look at Matthew’s account of the genesis of Jesus. In this account of his birth story Matthew draws our attention to the particular perspective of Joseph, the comforting message of the angel, the wonder of the virgin birth, the glory of the Immanuel promise, and the significance of the name of Jesus as the one who saves his people from their sins.

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Hosea ministers in Israel between the time of the conquest of Canaan and the exile. In chapter nine of his prophecy, he tells of the coming judgment-exile of Israel into the land of the uncircumcised. But there is hope! God will preserve a remnant—elect exiles—for his own glory and as his chosen portion. For Christ was exiled in his death because of our sins, so that we who were once far off may be brought near by the blood. And now, in Christ, we are elect exiles called to conduct ourselves honorably in the midst of wicked and perverse generation.

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Esau has been disqualified to receive the covenant blessing, but Isaac intends to give it to him anyway. In fact, none of the four characters in this chapter is painted in a good light. As Jacob and Rebecca plot to steal the blessing, it becomes clear that the blessing may only come through the work of God himself—and we are pointed to the promised covenant Son.

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Paul once again admonishes the church in Corinth over its division into rival parties with some following Paul, and other Apollos. Paul rebukes them because this behavior is of the flesh and they have elevated the minister of the gospel to an unwarranted and unbiblical position. Ministers are but servants used as instruments in the hands of God and they are fellow workers under God.

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In this passage, the Apostle Paul highlights the role of the Holy Spirit as the revealer and illuminator of the wisdom of God, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That divine wisdom was eternally decreed by God before the foundation of the world and is now revealed by the Spirit through the preaching of the gospel.

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In Genesis 26, God confirms the covenant promise to Isaac—the heart of which is “I will be with you.” In this episode, we see how God not only keeps this promise to Isaac in the midst of conflict, but also how he continues to keep this promise to believers today, as we too journey through a hostile land, seeking peace through the gospel as we look to the land of promise where God will dwell with us perfectly.

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As the Gospel According to Matthew begins we are introduced to the royal line of Jesus, where Matthew presents Jesus to us as the Davidic king, the universal king, and the final king through whom all of God’s purposes are fulfilled.

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Hosea brings a word of judgment upon Israel, threatening to send them into exile and judgment for their sin. Christ as the true and obedient Israel secures for his people the promised deliverance from sin’s guilt and power. Christ calls us therefore to exclusive fidelity to him.

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In an age of skepticism, Fredrich Schleiermacher wanted to cast religion in a manner that would be relevant and respected. In Episode 86 Jim Cassidy and Mark Winder discuss how the father of modern liberal theology continues to manifest an influence in pulpit speech today. Does the drive to make preaching more “relevant” and “practical” today manifest a spirit of Schleiermacher in the pulpit? Is the quality of a sermon determined by its relevancy to our current age?

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Jim Cassidy shows us how Israel's folly and sinfulness renders her incapable of obeying God. In order to obey the Lord, she needs the Lord to grant to her the very thing that she herself can not do. Hosea uses striking imagery to show us Israel's rebellion, but equally striking and parallel imagery to show the Lord's mercy and provision for redemption.

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Joel Fick shows us how important it is to bring various passages of Scripture to bear upon one another, particularly where one may fill in the gap for the other. In Exodus 2 we learn how Christ is not a picture of Moses, but rather Moses is a picture of Christ.

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Mark Winder shows us how in the story of Isaac which parallels that of Abraham, there is a theological point being made: from a human perspective there is one crisis after another. But from the divine perspective, there is no salvation outside of God. Only his hand will triumph. We will also see how Abraham's obedience is a type of the obedience of Christ.

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In Episode 82, Jim Cassidy gives us a primer on Covenant Theology. As Israel, shaped by the law, becomes an analogy of Adam as Adam is in covenant with God in the garden, a pattern is seen between Adam and Israel. If Adam disobeys, he is exiled from the Garden, as is also the case with Israel. God, however, is the covenant keeper, providing redemption for his people in doing what they are unable to do.

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In episode 81, Joel Fick leads us in a study of the birth of Moses. He demonstrates a model of preaching Christ not based upon merely noting a few parallels between an Old Testament character and the life of Christ, but based upon deep theological themes and direct scriptural references.

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Knowledge is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end that we might know the new world of God. When we understand that we are citizens of the age to come, it changes everything about how we live our lives in the midst of this present evil age.

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The conflict between Jacob and Esau serves as a paradigm for the redemptive conflict of the ages. God uses what the world would consider weak to accomplish his plan and demonstrate his power.

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In Episode 78 the panel discusses how the story of redemption shifts focus from Abraham to his descendants, and particularly to Isaac and Jacob. Employing a covenantal and redemptive-historical hermeneutic becomes important in understanding the significance of this shift and its implication for the inclusion of the Gentiles.

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Glen Clary examines the matter and manner of Paul's preaching. There is a crucifixion proclaimed by Paul, but there is also a cruciformity in how he proclaimed it, and to his whole life and ministry.

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In Episode 75 we see that because of our sin imputed to Christ, he stood condemned under the wrath of God. But Christ's resurrection is the Word of Grace—Christ's vindication. Christ is condemned by the cross, but vindicated by the Spirit.

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In Episode 74 we observe what seems to be an ordinary bartering transaction. But upon closer observation we learn three significant things: Abraham is given a downpayment on the land promise, he anticipates the resurrection, and he lives in peace with those around him.

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Adam York show us how God is presenting in the life of Isaac a type of the work of the future Messiah, who would come, be offered as a substitute for his people and be raised for them as well. What Abraham receives in type, the believer today has received in substance.

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Joel Fick continues his introduction to the book of Exodus as he explores a fruitful people, a ferocious king, and the faithful God. Exodus shows us how the people of God will suffer with Christ and be delivered by Christ that they might be glorified in Christ.

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In this introductory episode to the book of Exodus, Joel Fick explains how important it is to glance backwards and see what God is doing, even as we look forward in time and see how all of God's promises are going to be fulfilled.

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Abraham's willingness to offer up his son Isaac at God's command is a remarkable demonstration of obedience. He demonstrates not that he was justified by works, but that the hope of the resurrection fueled his obedience.

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In this "bookend" text, a remarkable change is seen in Abraham, who demonstrates how a pilgrim is to conduct himself in a foreign land, and how he is identified through his worship.

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In Episode 68, Jim Cassidy takes us through Hosea 4, where we see that God is judging his people because of their lack of a knowledge of him. Scripture shows us that the love of God and the knowledge of God are not contrary to one another, but "sweetly comply" with one another.

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There are two kinds of wisdom—human and divine. The foolishness of preaching shatters the illusion of human wisdom and displays the wisdom of God, that the believer's boast should be in the Lord.

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In Episode 66, Jim Cassidy opens up Hosea 3, where God commands the prophet to buy his faithless wife back from slavery. This picture of redemption points to Jesus Christ, who alone can purchase for himself a rebellious, sinful, and adulterous people.

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In episode 65, Adam York examines Sarah's laughter and her treatment of Hagar, gleaning from the passage important principles for interpretation. We do not approach Old Testament narratives looking a hero to emulate or a villain to despise, but looking to the acts and words of God in providing salvation for his people.

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In episode 64 we open up Genesis 20 and find a duplicate of what took place eight chapter earlier. To protect himself, Abraham tries to pass off his wife, Sarah, as his sister. In doing so, he inadvertently places the line of the Messiah in grave danger. It takes an act of God through special revelation to preserve the offspring of the woman.

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The preacher should not preach in such a way that draws listeners to his own wisdom, but draws them to place their faith and trust in Christ alone as they witness his wisdom and power through the Word.

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Hosea points to Jesus, who, as the new and final Israel, does not remain under the power of death forever. But Christ is raised from the dead in the vindicating power of the Spirit. Christ is our exodus—the one delivered from bondage to sin and death! His deliverance is our deliverance. As those who have been delivered in and through Christ, we are called to forget the names of our false gods and remember the name of the Lord who has delivered us from our previous slavemaster.

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In a startling episode of fear and worldliness we find the hope of the gospel. Learn how the person and work of Christ can be preached from what seems to be the most unlikely text.
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Lot can not save himself—God has to do it. In his mercy he provides for Lot's salvation even through the destruction of the city of man, and in so doing provides for us a picture of Christ's saving work.
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The mercy that the Lord shows initially will be undone in judgment. But there is grace, restoration, and redemption for those who repent and trust in Christ.
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Lot serves as a paradigm or picture of the salvation of sinners and judgment upon unbelievers. Sinners are not saved because they suddenly figure out God’s mercy and come running to him. They are saved because God does what they cannot do of their own accord.
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In Episode 57, we see that despite oncoming judgment, the passage underscores the deep relationship between God and Abraham.  It is covenantal at its core.
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Here's the big pictures of 1 Corinthians 1 and 2, particularly focusing on the wisdom of God as the doctrinal and ethical antithesis to world, and an introduction to Paul's two-age eschatology.

Articles referenced in this episode:

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Genesis 18 provides a prototypical picture of the feast the believers have with their King in the heavenly places. It does so in the context of Sarah demonstrating an imperfect faith in a perfect Savior.

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Hosea is made us of a series of cycles—of judgment and redemption. Here we begin looking at the first cycle of good news and redemption, as the prophet brings a word of good news.
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Here we seek to answer three questions: First, “What is the meaning of circumcision?” Second, “What is the purpose of circumcision? and third, “To whom is circumcision to be applied” We conclude that the sign of faith is to be applied to believers and their children.
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God re-names Sarai—again reflecting his covenant promise. And one essential characteristic of the covenant of promise is that covenant community will always be comprised of elect and non-elect. Inseparable from the covenant itself are the parties of the covenant.
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Paul appeals to the believers at Corinth to be united, and admonishes them to abandon their factionalism. Paul reminds them that he did not do anything among them that would draw attention to himself, but rather he pointed them entirely away from himself and directed their attention and affection to Christ alone.
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As the Abrahamic Covenant is expanded, it builds upon the revelation given in chapters 12 and 15. Through this everlasting covenant God will bring life to those who are dead in their sins.

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Our situation calls for serious self-discipline because the days are evil, and joyful celebration because God has rescued us from that evil in Jesus Christ.

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Israel was called God's son—a status under threat here in Hosea—as graphically demonstrated in the naming of Hosea's children. God's pending divorce of Israel points to the only way for God's elect to be saved. The warnings in Hosea are for God's people today that we may examine ourselves to be sure we are in the faith.

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We welcome Glen Clary as our newest panelist, as he opens Paul's eucharistic prayer concerning the church of God at Corinth. He centers it around the believer's union with Christ—the key to understanding Paul's gospel.

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A remarkable picture of God's grace given to an undeserving Egyptian woman, is used by the apostle Paul as a divinely inspired allegory of the way in which God operates through the church today.

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God has made his covenant with Abram, and now ratifies it through a solemn covenant ceremony that points to the supernatural character of the covenant's nature and its keeping.

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The Book of Hosea opens up with a shocking command as God tells the prophet to "Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom." Hosea's wife, Gomer, will serve as both type and anti-type. Listen as the book of Hosea points to the faithful bridegroom and calls the Christian to be a faithful bride.

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On the heels of a tremendous victory, Abram has a choice to make. Not necessarily an easy one if his focus was on earthly things. Here's Abram's chance to make it big in Canaan. Or is he looking for some other city? What will he do? What should we do as we follow in his footsteps?

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In a book written to a church full of problems, what is there for which to be thankful? Explore the Apostle Paul's passionate and pastoral tone as he tackles the problems in the Corinthian church.

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After deliverance from Egypt, God’s people head back to the promised land. Nevertheless, they continue to stand in need of deliverance, for their warfare has not ended.

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The Proclaiming Christ podcast is back with a new format, new panelist, and new biblical texts to explore. Look for a new episode each week.

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In this episode we discuss the gathering in Genesis 11 to build a city and tower for the name of man. This chapter provides many themes that will be explored throughout the rest of Scripture as the historical enmity develops between the city of man and th

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In this episode we discuss God's promise to Abram—particularly his pledge to grant him a seed, a land, and to give Abram his own divine presence.

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In this episode we discuss how God called Abram to leave behind his homeland and set out to a land that God would show him. We also consider how such a pilgrim motif informs the life of the Christian.

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In this episode we discuss the canonical, biblical theological, and historical significance of the genealogy of Genesis 10. We also discuss the challenges and problems of how to preach genealogical passages.

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In this episode we discuss: Noah and Adam, the sin of Noah, and the redemptive-historical significance of the oracles which Noah pronounces regarding his three sons.

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In this episode we discuss the covenant that God establishes between Noah, his sons, and with every living creature on the earth. This covenant begins being contemplated back in 8:20 at the conclusion of the reaffirmation of the covenant of grace and continues into chapter 9 with an unveiling of its distinctive sign, the rainbow.

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In this episode we discuss Genesis 9:1–7 and how various creation mandates are given again to Noah and his family as they emerge from the ark. We also consider the various providential structures that God sets up to protect and keep his people as those people await the fulfillment of God's redemptive promises given earlier in Genesis.

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In this episode we discuss reappearing role of God's Spirit and how the Spirit has a pivotal role in both creation and consummation. We discuss the symbolic and theological significance of the mountain and the dove, which appear in chapter eight. Finally we discuss the significance of of the promise God makes to Noah that He will preserve the world from the kind of judgment endured in Noah's day, "While the earth remains."

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In this episode we discuss Noah's ark and the flood judgment which God brought on the world. Amazingly, we see ways in which the entire passage not only reveals the judgment ordeal which took place at the flood, but how God used that judgment to prepare for a new creation which he would sovereignly bring about—one which ultimately leads to consummation through the work of Jesus Christ.

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