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In this episode we discuss the growth of wickekedness on the earth after the fall leading up to the great flood judgment. This passage also helps us to see the exent of depravity in man after the fall. In the midst of a sinful world one man finds favor in the eyes of the Lord: Noah.

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Chris Castaldo leads us toward a better understanding of how to interact with Catholics about the gospel.

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Brandon Crowe introduces the redemptive-historical message of Peter, James, John, and John.

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Joe Rigney teaches us how to enjoy God through the good things he has made.

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Episode 23 of Proclaiming Christ, a podcast focused upon biblical preaching. In each episode we will discuss the process, method, and goals of preaching biblical texts from a uniquely Reformed perspective.

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Geerhardus Vos develops the ethical elements present during the patriarchal period through a brilliant treatment of circumcision. In this episode, Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey discuss pages 88–90 of Vos's book Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to shed light on the indicative and imperative dimensions of God's covenantal relationship to his people. In the course of this study, the relationship of circumcision to baptism is developed as both are signs of the righteousness God's people have by faith in Jesus Christ (Rom 4:11–12; cf. Col 2:11–12).

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The panel discusses Jonathan Edwards's sermon, "A Divine and Supernatural Light" delivered at Northampton and subsequently published in 1734.

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