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In this episode we discuss reappearing role of God's Spirit and how the Spirit has a pivotal role in both creation and consummation. We discuss the symbolic and theological significance of the mountain and the dove, which appear in chapter eight. Finally we discuss the significance of of the promise God makes to Noah that He will preserve the world from the kind of judgment endured in Noah's day, "While the earth remains."

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Jonathan Brack explains a Reformed ecclesiology which spans Old and New Testaments. He touches upon covenant theology, polity, and other foundational issues.

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Reformed Forum opens the mailbag to answer questions on biblical theology, Van Tilian apologetics, baptism, and even translations of Calvin's Institutes.

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Camden Bucey reviews Writers to Read: Nine Names That Belong on Your Bookshelf by Douglas Wilson.

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Rev. Dr. Kevin Chiarot introduces and offers a critical look into the influential Christology of T. F. Torrance, who among other things taught that the Son of God assumed a fallen human nature.

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Reformed Media Review turn their attention beyond our typical subject matter to speak about podcasts. Reformed Forum has been producing podcasts since 2008. But we're not merely producers, we love to listen to podcasts ourselves. We look at our podcasts clients and speak about some of our favorite programs.

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Matthew Patton offers us several biblical-theological insights into Israel's and Judah's kings.

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In this episode we discuss Noah's ark and the flood judgment which God brought on the world. Amazingly, we see ways in which the entire passage not only reveals the judgment ordeal which took place at the flood, but how God used that judgment to prepare for a new creation which he would sovereignly bring about—one which ultimately leads to consummation through the work of Jesus Christ.

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We continue our #VosGroup series by opening pages 95–99 of Vos' book Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to learn about revelation during the patriarchal period. In this episode we look to the patriarch Jacob and focus upon his Bethel dream vision and his encounter with the angel at Peniel.

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