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This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob discuss Louis Berkhof’s little book, Summary of Christian Doctrine. We continue our discussion of chapter XXIV, “The Government and Power of the Church.” In this episode, we begin a discussion of church government of Christ's church beginning with Christ as head of the church and the church officers.
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In this episode, we welcome Scott J. Hatch, author of Reformed Forum’s latest publication, Van Til and the Foundation of Christian Ethics: A God-Centered Approach to Moral Philosophy, to consider the profound relationship between theology and ethics as articulated by Cornelius Van Til. In addition to providing an original treatment of the subject, Hatch has also edited a critical edition of Van Til’s Christian-Theistic Ethics, which is included as a lengthy appendix in this volume. This never before been available, and anyone interested in the thought of Cornelius Van Til should surely get a copy for their library.

This insightful conversation illuminates Van Til’s unique approach to Christian ethics, emphasizing a God-centered moral philosophy grounded in the doctrine of the self-contained ontological Trinity. Hatch explores Van Til’s critique of moral relativism and how his theological framework offers a compelling solution to ethical dilemmas, contrasting with the perspectives of other ethicists and theologians.

The episode promises to enrich understanding of Christian ethics through the lens of Reformed theology, challenging believers to consider the foundational role of the Triune God in all moral considerations. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of how Cornelius Van Til’s groundbreaking work continues to shape contemporary discussions on Christian ethics, offering a robust, God-centered approach that speaks to the challenges of modern moral relativism.

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We welcome Mark Sanders, President of Harvest USA, for an enriching dialogue on confronting and healing from sexual brokenness within the church. As our society grapples with rapidly evolving norms around gender and sexuality, the church is called to respond with both theological depth and compassionate outreach. Harvest USA stands at the forefront of this mission, offering resources, discipleship, and education to equip believers to address these challenges through the lens of Reformed theology.

Throughout this conversation, Camden Bucey and Mark Sanders discuss the significance of understanding our identity in Christ and how it shapes our approach to sexual ethics. They discuss the "Harvest Tree" model—a comprehensive biblical framework employed by Harvest USA to aid individuals and families in navigating sexual brokenness with biblical fidelity. The episode also spotlights new initiatives from Harvest USA, including free courses designed to assist parents in raising sexually faithful children and addressing gender confusion with grace and truth.

Listeners will gain insights into the theological underpinnings that guide Harvest USA's ministry, emphasizing the importance of a proper ecclesiology and a biblically grounded anthropology. This episode not only addresses the pressing issues of our time but also offers hope and direction for the church to minister effectively in a culture of confusion and search for identity.

Join us for an enlightening discussion that bridges deep theological concepts with practical application, illuminating the path toward healing and wholeness in Christ amidst a world of sexual and gender confusion.

Visit for more resources and information on how you can engage with this important ministry.

00:07 Introduction
04:06 The History and Ministry of Harvest USA
10:04 Reformed Theological Anthropology
25:47 Courses Available through Harvest
30:37 Discipling Your Children
37:35 The Tree Model
44:32 Thoughts from the Front Line
54:10 Additional Resources
57:18 Conclusion

This is Christ the Center episode 851 (

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Christ the Center is on the road as Camden Bucey speaks with two guest from the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conference. This episode explores Reformed theology and its profound impact on missions. Camden is joined by Chad Vegas, founding pastor of Sovereign Grace Church and founding board chairman of Radius International, along with Jonathan Master, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, to explore the vital relationship between theological education and missionary work.

The conversation covers a broad spectrum, from the excitement surrounding the seminary’s annual spring conference to the innovative partnership between Greenville Seminary and Radius International, aimed at equipping the next generation for church planting among unreached language groups. Chad Vegas also shares his personal journey from a dispensationalist background to embracing Reformed theology and the inception of Radius International. This episode sheds light on the challenges and strategies of missionary work, emphasizing the necessity of a solid biblical foundation, cultural sensitivity, and the indispensable role of the local church in sending and supporting missionaries. Join us for an engaging discussion that reaffirms the vital role of Reformed theology in advancing the gospel to the ends of the earth.

[00:00:07] Introduction
[00:06:35] Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a Focus on Missions
[00:08:35] Radius International and Church Planting among Unreached Groups
[00:12:43] Missionary Training and Biblical Foundations
[00:18:13] Historical and Theological Foundations of Missions
[00:23:22] A Personal Journey to Reformed Theology
[00:39:13] Development of Radius International
[00:48:24] Missionary Work and Cultural Engagement
[00:58:46] Evolving Role of Reformed Theology in Modern Missions
[01:10:09] Future Directions for Presbyterian Missions

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This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob discuss Louis Berkhof’s little book, Summary of Christian Doctrine. We continue our discussion of chapter XXIII, “The Doctrine of the Church and the Means of Grace.” In this episode, we get into various aspects of the church: the visible and invisible distinction, church discipline, and others.
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In this installment of Vos Group, we turn to p. 336 of Vos’s book Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments, focusing on the temptations of Jesus Christ. This discussion ventures into the heart of Jesus’s wilderness temptations, offering a rich, theological analysis that challenges and enlightens. We consider the strategic use of Old Testament quotations by Jesus during his confrontation with Satan, underscoring the deep, theological significance of these moments.

This episode not only unpacks the unique messianic nature of Jesus’s temptations but also firmly opposes a moralizing interpretation, instead highlighting the redemptive work accomplished through Christ’s victory over sin. Through a careful examination of Jesus as the obedient Son and true Israel, this episode reveals the layers of meaning in these biblical narratives, connecting them to broader themes of redemption, covenant theology, and the Christian life. As we understand Jesus’s role as the mediator who binds and spoils the strong man, this episode encourages believers to find their identity in Christ, resting in his victorious work on our behalf.

00:07 Introduction
04:44 Jesus' Temptation as a Prime Example of His Earthly Ministry
08:43 The Wilderness Temptation
17:10 The Temple Temptation
23:05 The Mountain Temptation
28:44 The Emphases of Matthew and Luke
38:38 Overcoming in Jesus and Entering Paradise
45:01 Looking Ahead
48:11 Conclusion

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