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In this episode, we speak to David Woollin of Reformation Heritage Books about several new and exciting projects from the publisher.

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We speak with Dr. Stephen G. Myers about Ebenezer Erskine and the important events of Presbyterian history with which he was involved.

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Israel was called God's son—a status under threat here in Hosea—as graphically demonstrated in the naming of Hosea's children. God's pending divorce of Israel points to the only way for God's elect to be saved. The warnings in Hosea are for God's people today that we may examine ourselves to be sure we are in the faith.

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William Vandoodewaard speaks to us about Martin Bucer, John Knox, and the development of pastoral care during the Reformation.

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With Rob nursing a cold, this week's Theology Simply Profound provides another reading from the works of J. Gresham Machen. Since we've begun a series on the Biblical teaching of the atonement, Bob is reading Machen's, "The Doctrine of the Atonement." This was from a series of radio addresses given shortly before Machen's death on January 1, 1937.

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Bill Dennison speaks about Karl Marx, leading us through his biography, influences, and his intellectual effects upon social and political history.

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We welcome Glen Clary as our newest panelist, as he opens Paul's eucharistic prayer concerning the church of God at Corinth. He centers it around the believer's union with Christ—the key to understanding Paul's gospel.

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This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob begin a new series of discussions on the topic of the atonement. In this episode we talk about the wrath of God and mankind's need for an escape from the wrath of God in the first place. Why an atonement? Why is there a need for an atonement?

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Jonathan Gibson and Mark Earngey speak about Reformation worship. Their new book Reformation Worship: Liturgies from the Past for the Present, is an irenic plea for the Church (and especially her ministers) to engage again in the two-millennia-old question: "How then shall we worship?"

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A remarkable picture of God's grace given to an undeserving Egyptian woman, is used by the apostle Paul as a divinely inspired allegory of the way in which God operates through the church today.

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The Rev. Brian L. De Jong,  pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, joins Bob and Rob this week on Theology Simply Profound to discuss his new book, Honoring the Elderly: A Christian's Duty to Aging ParentsMr. De Jong explains the importance of thinking through difficult and complex issues related to how Christian are to honor their aging parents.

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Hebrews 6 has been a challenging passage to interpret for ages. What does it mean to fall away? What is the specific nature of the apostasy? Do majority interpretations do justice to all the features of the text?

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God has made his covenant with Abram, and now ratifies it through a solemn covenant ceremony that points to the supernatural character of the covenant's nature and its keeping.

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