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Rev. Dr. David Noe joins us to speak about John Calvin, God or Baal: Two Letters on the Reformation of Worship and Pastoral Service (Reformation Heritage Books), which includes translations of two letters.

Dr. Noe is Professor of Classics at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has also published a translation of Franciscus Junius’ (1545–1602) De Theologia Vera (Reformation Heritage Books) and a translation of Theodore Beza’s (1519–1605) Plana et Perspicua Tractatio De Coena Domini (Reformation Heritage Books).

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Paul once again admonishes the church in Corinth over its division into rival parties with some following Paul, and other Apollos. Paul rebukes them because this behavior is of the flesh and they have elevated the minister of the gospel to an unwarranted and unbiblical position. Ministers are but servants used as instruments in the hands of God and they are fellow workers under God.

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Matthew Vogan speaks about David Dickson's Sermons on Jeremiah's Lamentations (Naphtali Press Special Editions & Reformation Heritage Books). Mr. Vogan is General Manager of Reformation Scotland, a charitable trust whose aim is to promote the restoration of the Christian Church in Scotland by informing, educating and promoting understanding of our reformed heritage through film, print and other media.

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In this passage, the Apostle Paul highlights the role of the Holy Spirit as the revealer and illuminator of the wisdom of God, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That divine wisdom was eternally decreed by God before the foundation of the world and is now revealed by the Spirit through the preaching of the gospel.

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This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob discuss what it means for Christians to have Jesus as our king, especially in the midst of the difficult and dark days of our lives. We all have those days when we forget that God is good.

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We turn to pages 245–250 of Geerhardus Vos’s book Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments to discuss the prophet’s view of God’s holiness. Vos contrasts the concept of holiness found in pagan religions with that of the biblical prophets. The concept of holiness is Scripture is God-centered. It begins with the Lord, his transcendence, and then radiates outward to creation as he is revealed. This is how we must consider holiness when it is applied to creation—whether to man made in his image, to places, or to consecrated objects used in worship.

The liberal theologians Vos often addresses have no issue acknowledging the “holiness” of man understood as moral goodness. But for Vos, ethical goodness requires the comparison and relation to a holy God. In this sense, it is not possible to de-spiritualize Scripture and retain the Bible’s concept of holiness.

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C. N. Willborn speaks about the spirituality of the church, the doctrine which affirms that the Church is a spiritual institution with spiritual aims that is not administered according to the kingdom of this world.

Rev. Dr. Willborn is pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and adjunct professor of Historical Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is the author of many works on history and theology, including the focus of this conversation, “The Soul of the Church: The Church’s Spiritual Mission” in The Confessional Presbyterian, volume 16 (2020): 201–209.

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As we begin 2021 with our first episode, Rob and Bob reflect upon memorials, resolutions, and remembering in the Christian life.

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Since Christ the Center began nearly thirteen years ago, we have taken time to look back on the highlights of the year. Continuing the update to our tradition from last year, here this year’s top ten clips from Christ the Center as determined by YouTube views.

  1. Ep. 633 – What Is Christendom? with David VanDrunen
  2. Ep. 655 – 1689 Federalism and Reformed Covenant Theology with Jeremy Boothby
  3. Ep. 638 – John Frame and Two Divine Existences with James Dolezal
  4. Ep. 659 – Why Study Karl Barth? with Jim Cassidy
  5. Ep. 633 – The Noahic Covenant with David VanDrunen
  6. Ep. 630 – The Importance of Discourse Analysis with Matthew Patton
  7. Ep. 641 – The Ancient Understanding of Baptism as Washing and Regeneration with Glen Clary
  8. Ep. 629 – Abridged Bavinck with Carlton Wynne and Charles Williams
  9. Ep. 666 – John Nelson Darby and Dispensationalism with Michael Glodo
  10. Ep. 631 – What Is Public Theology? with Jordan Ballor
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