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Danny Olinger delivers an address at the 2021 Reformed Forum Theology Conference. The event was held October 8–9, 2021 at Providence OPC in Pflugerville, Texas.

The conference theme was, “The Promise of Life: God’s Plan for His People in the Covenant of Works.” In contrast to Roman Catholic, modernist, and evangelical approaches, we explored a thoroughly Reformed understanding of God’s relationship to Adam as he was created. We learned how Jesus Christ ultimately brings us to the glorious future which God originally offered to Adam in the garden of Eden.

Danny Olinger is General Secretary for the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

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The beatific vision (1 John 3:2) is the consummation of God’s relationship with his people. While Christians of all traditions acknowledge this blessed future to some degree, there are significant differences as to how it all works out. The Reformed tradition has understood this future and its genesis in terms of a covenantal relationship between God and Adam. If you have listened much to our podcasts or courses at Reformed Forum, you likely have heard us discuss “the deeper Protestant conception.” This is a phrase first used by Geerhardus Vos in his Reformed Dogmatics. It involves the notion that man originally was created good yet with an eschatological purpose. Even before the fall into sin, Adam was intended to advance to a higher, more glorious, eschatological life with God in heavenly places. Elsewhere, this is captured in the phrase, “eschatology precedes soteriology.” Yet developments in Roman Catholic theology throughout the end of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century gave rise to a movement that also advocates for eschatology preceding soteriology and a dismantling of the traditional dualistic separation of nature and grace. In this address, Camden Bucey traces the historical developments of Roman Catholic theology in the twentieth century. In so doing, we may deepen our understanding of the already deeper Protestant conception while improving our ability to represent the diversity of Catholic thought leading up to and following the Second Vatican Council. This address was delivered at our 2021 Theology Conference held at Providence OPC in Pflugerville, Texas.

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In this episode, several OPC missionaries discuss theological education in foreign mission fields. Douglas Clawson is associate general secretary for the OPC’s Committee on Foreign Missions. Charles Jackson serves as a missionary in Uganda, and Mike serves in East Asia. Each of these ministers speaks about their experience in training officers for the building up of indigenous churches, sharing the joys, struggles, and present needs in various fields.

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Progress, Book 2. In this episode, we discuss what the Pilgrims’ learn about Mr. Not-Right as well as some more about Mr. Feeble-mind. What a great character Mr. Feeble-mind is for us to learn from. All of this on their way to Vanity Fair where the

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Dr. Benjamin L. Gladd, Associate Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, speaks about his new Handbook on the Gospels. This book is part of a series edited by Dr. Gladd and published by Baker Academic, which covers the entirety of the New Testament in three volumes. Neither becoming preoccupied with the minutiae of the text nor losing sight of the big picture, Gladd’s handbook address the content of the gospels thoroughly yet in an accessible and compelling manner.

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another giant, Giant Slay-good. What's better than eating and drinking with good discussion and then off to slay wickedness! And, congratulations to Mercy and Matthew, Phoebe and James, now married after a month of hospitality from Gaius.

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Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey turn to pages 264–266 of Geerhardus Vos’ book, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments, to consider the collective sin of the nation during the time of the prophets. Vos speaks particularly of the prophet Amos, and his indictment of false worship practices among the people.

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