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On the 100th anniversary of the publication of Christianity and Liberalism, we consider J. Gresham Machen's critique of the liberal theological perspective on Jesus Christ, contrasting it with the traditional, orthodox Christian view. Machen argues that liberal theology often misrepresents Christ as a mere teacher of righteousness and neglects his divine aspects and teachings. He counters that Christ is not merely an example, but the very object of Christian faith. He also challenges liberal theologians' struggle to reconcile Jesus's sinlessness with their evolutionary worldview and argues against a deistic view of God, advocating instead for theism which allows for both God's works of creation and providence. Machen discusses the issue of miracles in relation to Christian faith, asserting that one cannot selectively believe in parts of Christ's life, such as dismissing the virgin birth. Ultimately, Machen invites the reader to accept Christ as portrayed in Scripture.

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