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Christ the Center is on the road as Camden Bucey speaks with two guest from the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conference. This episode explores Reformed theology and its profound impact on missions. Camden is joined by Chad Vegas, founding pastor of Sovereign Grace Church and founding board chairman of Radius International, along with Jonathan Master, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, to explore the vital relationship between theological education and missionary work.

The conversation covers a broad spectrum, from the excitement surrounding the seminary’s annual spring conference to the innovative partnership between Greenville Seminary and Radius International, aimed at equipping the next generation for church planting among unreached language groups. Chad Vegas also shares his personal journey from a dispensationalist background to embracing Reformed theology and the inception of Radius International. This episode sheds light on the challenges and strategies of missionary work, emphasizing the necessity of a solid biblical foundation, cultural sensitivity, and the indispensable role of the local church in sending and supporting missionaries. Join us for an engaging discussion that reaffirms the vital role of Reformed theology in advancing the gospel to the ends of the earth.

[00:00:07] Introduction
[00:06:35] Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a Focus on Missions
[00:08:35] Radius International and Church Planting among Unreached Groups
[00:12:43] Missionary Training and Biblical Foundations
[00:18:13] Historical and Theological Foundations of Missions
[00:23:22] A Personal Journey to Reformed Theology
[00:39:13] Development of Radius International
[00:48:24] Missionary Work and Cultural Engagement
[00:58:46] Evolving Role of Reformed Theology in Modern Missions
[01:10:09] Future Directions for Presbyterian Missions

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