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Since 2008, we have been taking time around New Year’s Day to bring you some of the top moments from the preceding year. We have several great clips lined up for you today.

The Top Episodes of 2023 (by YouTube views)

  1. Dan Ragusa — Preterism and 2 Peter 3 (YouTube)
  2. Gray Sutanto and Cory Brock — A Theological Introduction to Neo-Calvinism (YouTube)
  3. Greg Beale — The New Testament Use of the Old Testament (YouTube)
  4. Carlton Wynne — Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (YouTube)
  5. Camden Bucey — The Importance of Cornelius Van Til for Today (YouTube)
  6. Jim Cassidy — Introducing and Interpreting Karl Barth (YouTube)
  7. Danny Olinger — Christianity and Liberalism: Introduction (YouTube)
  8. Lane Tipton — Exitus and Reditus in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas (YouTube)
  9. Jonathan Master — Reformed Theology (YouTube)
  10. Michael Beck — Covenant Theology and Cultural Engagement in the Thought of Meredith G. Kline(YouTube)
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For our Eighth Annual Christmas Special, Rob and Bob are here to bring you Christmas cheer with our annual Christmas silliness. This year we laugh about Christmas delicacies and the weird things we do at this season of the year ". . . because it's Christm

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Join us in this episode of Christ the Center, where host Camden Bucey engages in a free-flowing yet thoughtful discussion with Dr. Owen Anderson, philosopher and professor of religious studies at Arizona State University and pastor of Historic Christian Church in Phoenix. The conversation centers around the nuanced relationship between philosophy, religion, and the concept of free speech within academia and broader American culture.

The episode explores the current state of freedom of speech in higher education, highlighting its importance and the obstacles it faces today. Dr. Anderson shares his views on the roles of natural and revealed religion in American philosophical and legal traditions, and how these ideas have influenced the country’s development. Listeners will also appreciate the exploration of Common Sense Realism and its impact on the ideological framework of the American Founding Fathers. This episode provides a reflective look into the challenges of articulating and understanding truth in an increasingly complex age.

Listen in for a conversation that offers insightful perspectives on the intersections of philosophy, religion, and free speech in the modern era.


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In this episode, we're excited to unveil the inaugural lesson of our new series, exploring the profound depths of the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible. Under the able guidance of Dr. Mark Winder, we'll embark on an enlightening journey through six comprehensive, yet accessible, biblical-theological lessons, offering fresh insights into this foundational portion of Scripture.

As we introduce this captivating course, join Ryan Noha and Camden Bucey for a reflective update on our year-end projects. We also extend a heartfelt invitation to support our mission through the 'Planting for the Future' campaign. Your generous contributions are pivotal in helping Reformed Forum continue to offer an array of free, high-quality Reformed theological resources to a global audience. Discover more and contribute to our cause at Reformed Forum's donation page (

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This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob discuss Louis Berkhof’s little book, Summary of Christian Doctrine. We turn to chapter XX, “Conversion: Repentance & Faith.” This week we continue our discussion how Berkhof addre

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In this installment of Vos Group, Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey discuss pp. 330–333 of Geerhardus Vos’ book, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments. In this section, Vos focuses on the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, a pivotal event in the Gospels. Vos examines various interpretations and challenges to the historicity and objectivity of this event, discussing theories that view it as mythological or parabolic. He argues for its historical and objective reality, using scriptural references such as Matthew 12:29 to support his view. Vos emphasizes the dual nature of the event as both a temptation by Satan and a probation by God, underscoring its importance in the Messianic mission of Jesus. He contrasts this with the temptation of Adam in Genesis, noting differences in their respective contexts and purposes. Vos also explores the implications of the event on the understanding of Jesus’ sinlessness and His role in atonement. Throughout, he maintains a theological perspective that situates the temptation within the broader narrative of redemption and Christ’s mission.

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This week on Theology Simply Profound, Bob returns to a reading of Geerhardus Vos’s 1903 book, The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom of God and the Church. Chapter 8, “The Essence of the Kingdom continued: The Kingdom as a State of Bl

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In this episode, Camden Bucey and Jim Cassidy dive into a variety of topics answering questions submitted by listeners and viewers of the program. Topics covered range from theological discussions, such as the role of Jesus’ intercession for the elect and non-elect within the visible church​​, to historical and exegetical considerations, like the understanding of the Old Covenant as the Mosaic administration of the covenant of grace​​.

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