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Glen Clary walks us through a Reformed order of worship, explaining the Biblical precedent and rationale for elements such as a call to worship, invocation, different types of prayer, the Word, sacraments, and the benediction.

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Today we discuss the genealogy found in Genesis 4:16-22.  In it, we see the realization that God will put enmity between the two lines mentioned in Genesis 3:15 and how those two lines will develop two antithetical forms of civilization.

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Dr. David Graves demonstrates how Jesus as the once-for-all sacrifice satisfies the demands of God's justice shown throughout Leviticus.

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Nathan P. Shannon discusses his book Shalom and the Ethics of Belief.

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Glen Clary explains the regulative principle of worship, a constitutive part of Reformed liturgical practice.

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Dane Ortlund joins us to speak about Jonathan Edwards theology of the Christian life.

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A discussion of a sermon by Jonathan Edwards circa 1747.

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Samuel Renihan speaks about the important though neglected doctrine of divine impassibility and introduces us to a reader, which he edited, titled God without Passions.

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