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Carlton Wynne, Jeremy Boothby, Lane Tipton, and Camden Bucey discuss 1689 Federalism and the old covenant. Continuing an ongoing conversation carried over several podcast episodes and YouTube videos, the panel interacts with views presented by Sam Renihan, Richard Barcellos, and Brandon Adams in “Two-Tier Typology and OT Salvation.” They responded specifically to Christ the Center episode 736 (John Owen, Jeremiah 31, and the Relationship between the Old and New Covenants) from last year, in which Camden Bucey spoke with Carlton Wynne and Will Wood at RTS Atlanta. That episode followed many of the covenant theological themes expressed by Jeremy Boothby in Christ the Center episode 693 (Typology and Covenant Membership in Hebrews).

After surveying views presented by Nehemiah Coxe, Paul Jewett, and David Kingdon, the conversation focuses on the relationship of old covenant types to the accomplishment of redemption wrought by Jesus Christ in the new covenant.

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