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Lane Tipton speaks about the report of the Committee to Study Republication of the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The report describes the impetus of the committee's work:

The 81st General Assembly, in response to an overture from the Presbytery of the Northwest, elected a study committee "to examine and give advice as to whether and in what particular senses the concept of the Mosaic Covenant as a republication of the Adamic Covenant is consistent with the doctrinal system taught in the confessional standards of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church." The men who were elected to this committee are Messrs. Bryan D. Estelle, Benjamin W. Swinburnson (Secretary), Lane G. Tipton, A. Craig Troxel (Chairman), and Chad V. Van Dixhoorn.

For an overview of the General Assembly, read D. G. Hart's report, "2016 General Assembly: Nothing Out of the Ordinary."

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