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We speak with Daniel R. Hyde. Rev. Hyde is pastor of Oceanside URC in Oceanside, California. He has written an article examining the Synod of Dort's doctrine of the Sabbath, titled “Regulae de Observatione Sabbathi: The Synod of Dort’s (1618–19) Deliverance on the Sabbath.” Originally written for The Puritan Reformed Journal, you can now find it on pages 173–184 of The Confessional Presbyterian Journal, Issue 12 (2016).

Books by Danny Hyde

  • Welcome to a Reformed Church
  • Why Believe in God
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children

Books on the Sabbath

Non-Sabbatarian Position:

  • Sunday by Willy Rordorf (Philadelphia, PA: The Westminster Press, 1968). This is a fantastic resource on the patristic doctrine and observance of the Lord's Day.
  • From Sabbath to Lord's Day: A Biblical, Historical and Theological Investigation, ed. D. A. Carson (Wipf & Stock Pub, 2000). Richard Bauckham's articles in this volume are excellent.

Sabbatarian Position:

  • The Confessional Presbyterian Journal, Issue 12 (2016)
  • Calvin and the Sabbath by Richard Gaffin (Mentor, 1998). Gaffin's positive defense of the Sabbath is superb.
  • The True Doctrine of the Sabbath by Nicholas Bownde (Reformation Heritage, 2015).
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In this episode we discuss the canonical, biblical theological, and historical significance of the genealogy of Genesis 10. We also discuss the challenges and problems of how to preach genealogical passages.

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In this episode we discuss: Noah and Adam, the sin of Noah, and the redemptive-historical significance of the oracles which Noah pronounces regarding his three sons.

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