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Camden Bucey and Ryan Noha cover a wide range of topics important to our community, including an in-depth review of the Reformed Academy’s progress, what we've accomplished, the valuable lessons we've learned, and what we have planned for the upcoming year, including new ideas and a proposed schedule.

They also dive into our recent and upcoming events and meetups, sharing highlights from our trip to California, details about our visit to Arizona, thoughts about our upcoming symposia, our big pre-conference in Greenville, and our participation in the PCA and OPC General Assemblies.

Additionally, they discuss potential future cities for our meetups and events, ensuring our community remains vibrant and connected. Furthermore, they provide an update on the Reformed Forum Magazine, sharing exciting developments and what readers can look forward to.

Most importantly, this town hall is an opportunity for us to engage directly with you. Camden and Ryan take questions from our livestream listeners, addressing your curiosities, concerns, and suggestions. Whether you’re deeply invested in the Reformed community or simply curious about what we do, this town hall is a meaningful dialogue about our collective journey and future aspirations.

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