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Dr. David Barry joins us to speak about his book, The Exile of Adam in Romans: The Reversal of the Curse against Adam and Israel in the Substructure of Romans 5 and 8 (Fortress Academic, 2021).

In this book, Barry investigates the “divine son” motif in Romans 5 and 8 through the lens of exile and restoration. Both Adam’s exclusion from Eden and Israel’s exile from Palestine are, for Paul, a divine son falling short of God’s holiness and forfeiting the divine inheritance and presence. The themes of Adam and Israel are complementary examples of sin and separation from God, which Paul argues are reversed in Christ and for believers in union with him. This theme of “divine sons” provides a framework for interpreting Paul’s use of restoration prophecies in Romans 5 and 8.

Dr. Barry is pastor at Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Powder Springs, Georgia and Visiting Lecturer in New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. He received his Ph.D. in New Testament from Westminster Theological Seminary (2018). Prior to his doctoral work, he studied at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, (M.Div, 2013), and Clemson University (BS, 2009).

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