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In this episode, we commemorate the centennial of the Auburn Affirmation, exploring its profound impact on the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the broader Christian community. We explore the theological crossroads of the early twentieth century, marked by the rise of modernism and the publication of The Fundamentals. We discuss the significant events that led to the Auburn Affirmation, including Harry Emerson Fosdick’s influential sermon and the subsequent controversies that reshaped American Protestantism.

Reflecting on these historical developments, we consider the ongoing relevance of confessional fidelity and integrity in today’s church. Join us as we examine how the Auburn Affirmation’s call for theological tolerance challenges our understanding of doctrinal adherence, and how we can navigate these waters with a commitment to both truth and unity. This episode offers valuable insights into maintaining the church’s distinct witness and enduring relevance in a pluralistic society.

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