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Earlier this week, we exhibited at The Gospel Coalition 2017 Conference, "No Other Gospel: Reformation 500 and Beyond" in Indianapolis. We were able to share 900 copies of our new book No Uncertain Sound with interested conference attendees. We had numerous conversations with people about confessional Reformed theology, worship, apologetics, and ecclesiology. In the few quieter moments, we picked up the microphones and spoke about our experience.

In his plenary address at TGC, "The Reformed Tradition Beyond Calvin," Ligon Duncan spoke of Johannes Oecolampadius and Dr. Diane Poythress' work on the Reformer. In Christ the Center episode 269, we spoke with Dr Poythress about her dissertation, “Johannes Oecolampadius’ Exposition of Isaiah, Chapters 36–37,” which is one of the only lengthy treatments of Oecolampadius in English. She has also written an excellent book about him titled, Reformer of Basel: The Life, Thought, and Influence of Johannes Oecolampadius, published by Reformation Heritage Books.

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