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Michael A. G. Haykin, “‘The Best Friend in the Worst Time’: Pandemics in Church History” The Banner of Truth Magazine, No. 689, February 2021, pp. 4–8. We are prone to think we are the only people ever to experience something like our present pandemic. This last year and last, we have heard the phrase “in these unprecedented times” so often that it has become a cliché. In five brief pages, Michael Haykin surveys the church’s experience with pandemics throughout history. Our times are not so unprecedented as we might think. Still, it is important to consider what is unique about our circumstances even while we contemplate what lessons we might learn from church history.

# On Our Radar

Crowe, Brandon D. The Path of Faith: A Biblical Theology of Covenant and Law (Essential Studies in Biblical Theology) (IVP Academic, March 2, 2021). 208 Pages. Paperback

Harmon, Matthew S. The Servant of the Lord and His Servant People: Tracing a Biblical Theme through the Canon (New Studies in Biblical Theology series, edited by D. A. Carson) (IVP Academic, January 2021). 272 pages. Paperback

Maag, Karin. Worshiping with the Reformers (IVP Academic, February 2021). 248 pages. Paperback.

Carrick, John. Jonathan Edwards and the Immediacy of God (Wipf and Stock, December 2020). 174 pages. Hardcover or paperback.

Reeves, Michael. Rejoice and Tremble: The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord (Union Series) (Crossway, January 2021). 192 pages. Hardcover with dust jacket.

Bullinger, Henry. The Decades of Henry Bullinger, 2 Volumes (Reformation Heritage Books, January 2021). 2055 pages. Hardcovers with dust jacket.

Davies, Samuel. Sermons of the Rev. Samuel Davies, 3 Volumes (Reformation Heritage Books, February 2021). 2016 pages. Hardcover with dust jacket.

Carr, Simeonetta. Phillis Wheatley (Christian Biographies for Young Readers) (Reformation Heritage Books, January 2021). 64 pages. Hardcover. Illustrated.

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